Monday, May 20, 2013

Altec lancing inmotion imw725 test video

This is my first blog.  Neither I am a good writer nor I hav any experience in posting my thoughts on web.  I am just inspired by bloggers all over the world.  I just love watching videos and reading wonderful writings by people from all works of life.  This video is just an trial and I want to see how it actually works with me.  Hopefully it will work atleast to make my self
I bought this wireless speaker from and had worked hard getting it.  This is the first most expensive item I have ever bought after reaching canada.  I have been following this thing since long time back.  Though I havent earned a penny here so far, I hav managed to buy this with all assistance and understanding from my beautiful wife Tsering Lhamo to whom I love very much.  One reason I why I bought it out of sudden was that I got it at very cheap price.  It was actually costing 199 dollars and It was in sale at 49 only.  I was kind of desperate when I saw it on net.  Having little idea about Toronto city, I have managed to visit a mall alone for the first time.  I went straightaway to the particular store to see if I can get it physically.  But due to some unforseen reasons, I finnaly managed to get it from branch of the store.  Thanks to all who helped me find it all the way from geraad mall, Toronto.  I have uploaded its test video with a cute Gangnam dance by Baby sam ( acha lobsangs son).  He is just a year and half.

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